Merced Sunrise Rotary recognizes local veterans, active duty military and first responders.

November 8, 2016

One of Merced's many veterans makes their way back from the 2015 Field of Honor display located at Merced College. This year's event, run by the Merced Sunrise Rotary for the past 4 years, will enter their 4th year of helping remember the many families who have served over the years


With the local Rotary club gearing up for their 4th annual Field of Honor display at Merced College and the Veteran’s Day Parade just around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to recognize those who have served our country alongside of our coverage of local artists and performances. Starting with our cover, a group of local veterans from every branch were asked to pose for a series of portraits, with the final portraits assembled into a mosaic depicting the Veterans Day Parade. These veterans, who came from a variety of backgrounds, both artistically inclined and otherwise, serve as just a small sampling of those who have made an impact on the Merced arts scene either directly or indirectly by helping artists continue to enjoy our freedom to express ourselves, be it through speech, music, paint, or photography, along with the many other rights the armed forces strives to protect.  Throughout the pages of the October issue, we take a look at the resources available to our local military men and women, local artists who made their way into the Merced arts scene after returning from overseas, and upcoming events in which residents and veterans alike can celebrate and remember those who are serving, have served, or have made the ultimate sacrifice.


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