Sacramento Band 'Some Fear None' reaches out to Veterans

November 12, 2016

Merced Art Hop Magazine was able to catch up with Nathan Giguiere and crew from ‘Some Fear None’ at AfterShock festival in Sacramento last weekend an boy did we fall in love with this band. Not only are they dedicated to Rock Music there songs go deeper and are reaching out to our Veterans.  

Hear it from the band members them self:


MAH Mag: So you guys are going to be back in the studio soon from what I understand?


Gina Salatino: Yeah, so our tour is kind of done for this year and we are just going to go into isolation and start working on some different ideas that we’ve had and turning those ideas into songs and produce something.


MAH Mag: You guys are local from Sacramento?


Charles Carrasco: Yeah, the greater Sacramento area.


Gina Salatino: Within an hour and a half drive from each other.


MAH Mag: How did you guys come together? How long have you guys been together?


Nathan Giguiere: A while. Roughly 6 years ago.


Charles Carrasco: We are working on 7 years. Jason and I have a pretty deep history, we have been in bands before. Gina and I also have performed together for quite some time. Really what you have here is two power couples


Gina Salatino: It is. It’s two power couples. Nathan and I are actually bound to each other by marriage. He is married to my older sister. We are brother and sister in law so we have family ties as well as musical ties, and then he solicited me to the band.

MAH Mag: You guys have dog tags on, tell me about that?


Nathan Giguiere: This was my little brothers. He gave me this after he served about eight solid years in combat and when he got back home safe we had written a couple songs and the lyrical structure was written around the different experiences of those that serve our country experience actually in combat or even when they come home the battles they face internally. I’ve seen him struggle with a few things and me as his older brother thought how can I help as a brother. Music was a big thing in his life and so I thought what a great way to honor my brother, him and those like him, who serve or have served to create an anthem in some way where we are saying, you know, that we get them. We don’t know what it is like because we haven’t been there, but we can try and put ourselves in their shoes. So there was In Theater, it was a song we wrote off of the first album, Break Hold and Elevate. Then off of this new album, I appreciate the band, they allowed me to continue a song in that avenue, and the new song is called ‘Monuments’ off of the new album. So I wear this because of my little brother. He is alive and well and doing quite well and I’m proud of him.


MAH Mag: If I were to take something back home to the bands trying to make music, trying to get out there or struggling, or wondering about their art. What would you say to them?


Gina Salatino: Being in a band I don’t think is as easy as I think our fans would like to think that it is. Being in a band is very much like a job sometimes. It’s hard work and dedication and persistence. I think what has made us as a four so very successful is the fact that we have very scheduled rehearsal and days and time and there is not a question whether these guys show up. It’s hard work and persistence really. So when you think it’s going nowhere, what’s the definition of nowhere? If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re passionate about it and it’s a part of you and it’s how you express yourself, just keep doing it.

Jason: Right, dedicated persistence. Dedication is the main thing. Make sure you love it make sure the art you’re creating is first and foremost the height of the totem pole.


Gina Salatino: Because if you do it for the wrong reasons, you’re never going to be successful.


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